Wayferry Management

Chris Doig - CEO

Email: chris.doig@wayferry.com

Chris graduated from the University of Cape Town, South Africa with a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering degree. While at university, he founded Cirrus Technology to supply information technology products to the corporate market. The focus at Cirrus was helping companies buy the best IT products for their particular needs. Cirrus also developed custom software for companies like the local 7-Eleven franchise holder and Metal Box, a British manufacturer of food cans.

In the mid-nineties, Chris immigrated to the US with his family. He worked at a number of companies in technical and IT management roles: Seagate, Biogen, Netflix, Boeing, Bechtel SAIC, Discovery Communications and several startups. At all of these companies, he saw the same problem occurring repeatedly: major software purchases were made without a thorough evaluation process. After going into production, that software often failed to meet expectations. Having faced this same problem while in IT management roles himself, Chris realized there was a gap in the market, which led him to found Wayferry.



Garrett Colbert - Client Relations

Email: garrett.colbert@wayferry.com

Garrett is a sales and business development leader with over 35 years’ experience in multiple industries and has a strong focus on revenue growth, productivity and profitability. He has a professional enthusiasm that generates an attitude of growth as well as a dedication to high performance and goal attainment. He embraces a philosophy of continued learning and development with regard to business and in the personal arena. His collaborative work style provides for the best possible outcomes.

Garrett believes that the key to business success is through relationships. With this philosophy and focus, Garrett has become a consummate builder of successful business and personal partnerships.

He is a graduate of Towson University in Health Sciences, where he taught for three years. Garrett and his wife Judy live in Carlsbad, California. Their daughter, Cassandra, has recently left the corporate world to pursue her PhD. in Clinical Psychology. After growing up on the East coast and spending 25 years in the Midwest, Judy and Garrett are delighted to be living in San Diego.