Wayferry's 4 Phase Software Selection Process

While selecting the best software for your needs is important, it is absolutely critical to avoid purchasing the wrong software.

Phase 1: Requirements Analysis

Meet with users

Projects start with a kick-off meeting. Then we interview process owners and stakeholders to gather requirements and any products they want to be considered.

Software research

We use our extensive knowledge of the market to identify software product candidates that could potentially meet the needs.

Develop requirements

We add requirements from our libraries. Then we employ the reverse engineering technique to discover all significant requirements, including unknowns.

Weight requirements

We interview teams to weight requirements. This creates your Requirements Profile, your unique standard against which software is evaluated. It also creates and nurtures user buy-in and ownership of the new software.

The Wayferry process is designed to collect information needed by the implementation team. This reduces the risks of schedules slipping, unexpected costs and business disruption when the new software goes live.

Phase 2: Software Evaluation

Solicit vendor input

Your Requirements Profile is used to create RFPs which are sent to vendors.

Gap analysis

Our proprietary app captures vendor responses and automatically computes the gap analysis.

Rank software

Our app ranks potential software products by how well they meet your particular requirements.

Scope check

We verify your requirements match market offerings. You avoid purchasing software that does everything but is not particularly good at anything.


Phase 3: Selection & Purchase


We assist your team to select up to three software products for demonstration.


Wayferry creates the script, arranges the demonstrations, collects and summarizes employee feedback.

Provisional selection

The analysis makes the software selection, and the demo confirms that selection. Based on the gap analysis and demo feedback we help your team make a provisional software selection.

Verify RFP

Identify and eliminate misrepresented software.

Check references

Wayferry interviews references. If our research identifies customers not supplied by the vendor, they can be interviewed.


If the provisionally selected product passes the RFP verification and reference checks, the software selection decision is confirmed. You purchase the software knowing exactly how well it will meet your particular needs.


Phase 4: Post-Purchase

Information collected during the software selection is used in five places:

Realistic project schedules

1) The implementation project manager uses evaluation data to prepare realistic project estimates and schedules.

Reduce implementation risks

2) No software is perfect. The evaluation identifies all areas where the selected product does not adequately meet requirements. The project manager then proactively allocates additional resources to prevent these areas from causing implementation delays.

Reduce decision latency

3) Decision latency is the time taken to get questions answered and decisions made, and is a primary source of project delays. Well written requirements that describe what is wanted, why it is wanted, who wants it and how important it is to them reduce decision latency and keep projects on schedule.

Terminology translation

4) Software buyers and vendors can use different terms to describe the same things. Each has their own jargon which hampers the communication so critical to the success of a project. The evaluation is the one place where the terms used by the buyer are matched to the terms used by the software vendor and implementation team.

Maximize software ROI

5) Once the new software is in production, the evaluation is used to identify unused functional areas that can be brought into production. This is how the value of your software investment is maximized.

Client project management

Wayferry consultants who were part of the project understand your needs and can represent you as a project manager on the implementation project.

Wayferry guarantee

Wayferry offers a 100% money back guarantee of our consulting fees if the selected software does not meet your expectations. See contract for details.


Ensure your next major software purchase meets expectations.
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