New book on enterprise software selection...

Organizations have been buying enterprise software for decades, but the new software seldom meets expectations. In this book, I examine what goes wrong, why it happens and offer actionable advice on how to solve the problem.

Many people have asked when the book will be published. This page shows the current status of the book, and will be updated as each chapter is completed. Once the text is complete the publishing process takes another 3 months and then we plan to make it available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle formats.

Chris Doig, Author
Last updated July 22, 2017


Rethinking Enterprise Software Selection

Stop buying square pegs for round holes


Table of Contents

    Page Status
  Introduction 3  
Chapter 1 The software purchasing problem 6 First draft
Chapter 2 The benefits of best-fit software 22 First draft
Chapter 3 Software selection risks & mitigation 30 First draft
Chapter 4 Software strategy 60 First draft
Chapter 5 Select software for value, not price 70 First draft
Chapter 6 Why selecting software is so difficult 93 First draft
Chapter 7 Project management 110 First draft
Chapter 8 Software selection toolbox 135  
Chapter 9  Requirements 146 First draft
Chapter 10 Evaluation 184 First draft
Chapter 11 Selection & purchase 234 First draft
Chapter 12 Post purchase 258 First draft
  Conclusion 265  
Appendix A Questions for software selection consultants 266  
Appendix B Questions for implementation vendors 268  
Appendix C Software demo feedback 269  
Appendix D Questions for software references 271  
  Glossary of terms 280  
  References 286  
  Index 287