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  • Wayferry Case Study: Call Center Selection Greatly Exceeds Anticipated ROI

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    Successful enterprise software deployments are not as common as they should be, and deployments where the ROI exceeds expectations are rare. This case study examines how Profil Institute for Clinical Research used Wayferry to select a VoIP call center in the cloud, greatly exceeding the anticipated ROI.

    Profil had an urgent need to improve their process for recruiting clinical trial subjects. Because this is not a service like sales or tech support, Profil's requirements were not typical.

    The Software Selection Project

    After the initial meetings to define project scope and get an overview of the needs, Wayferry identified 29 potential call center products.


  • Wayferry Case Study: Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission's ERP project takes wrong turn

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    Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission implements ERP only to end up in court. A case study on reducing enterprise software risks.

    Previous articles have examined techniques for evaluating and selecting best-fit enterprise software. This article draws many of those ideas together using the example of a software selection failure currently in the courts.

    The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission hired Ciber to develop an enterprise software RFP covering finance, payroll, human resources and so on. They awarded the implementation contract to Ciber without taking bids. Now they are suing Ciber for more than $45 million, alleging the company overbilled while implementing software that doesn't work properly.