Use Wayferry to Minimize the Pain & Maximize the Gain

Selecting software was a collaborative exercise that forced people to think through their needs. It would have been a challenge without Wayferry's structure, and that was a big win for us.
Marc Wilson, Vice President of Finance & Accounting, Cidara Therapeutics
Wayferry helped Profil find the best software for a critical business need, and results wildly exceeded expectations.
Denon Alderson, Screening & Subject Recruitment Manager, Profil Institute for Clinical Research

Minimize the pains so common with major software purchases...

Business Pains

  • High implementation costs
  • Go-live business disruption
  • Unrealized cost savings
  • High TCO, low ROI


Technical Pains

  • Go-live date slips
  • Unmet vendor promises
  • Poor functional fit
  • Poor usability


Personal Pains

  • Career collateral damage
  • Financial impact on income
  • Loss of discretionary time
  • Increased job stress


What we do

There are 4 phases to every Wayferry software evaluation & selection project:

1 - Requirements

Develop a comprehensive requirements list, even finding requirements you don't know you need. For each requirement, find out who wants it, why they want it and how important it is to them.

2 - Evaluation

Manage RFIs / RFPs. Use our gap analysis app to measure how well software product candidates meet your particular needs. Verify your requirements match market offerings.

3 - Selection

Arrange the demos, gather & summarize feedback. Facilitate selecting the software. Audit & validate RFI / FRP to eliminate exaggerated vendor sales claims. Check references. Assist with vendor negotiations.

4 - Post-purchase

Information collected is delivered to the implementation project manager. Because no significant new requirements are discovered during implementation, the software goes live on time, within budget with a minimum of business disruption.

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