Clients reduce costs, go live sooner and the new software meets their expectations

If you want an SUV, don’t buy a luxury bus or a sports car. Both work, but neither really meets your needs. Same with enterprise software. Minimize the pain and maximize the gain by buying the software that fits your needs like a glove fits your hand. Read more

Outrageous Guarantee: We will refund our entire consulting fee if the software we help you select does not meet expectations (see contract for details).

Do your major software purchases follow this familiar pattern?

Are your software purchases like this?

Let Wayferry help you select enterprise software...

  • Unbiased. We specialize exclusively in software selection. Others recommend software that they sell.
  • Data-Driven. Our objective evaluations are based on your needs. Others offer subjective opinions.
  • User buy-in. We nurture user buy-in from day one. Others leave this to implementation when it is too late.
  • Audit RFPs to verify vendors do not misrepresent their software. Others skip this step.
  • Prime implementations so they finish on time. Avoid implementations that drag on for months.

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See what clients say about Wayferry

See what clients say about Wayferry

Selecting software was a collaborative exercise that forced people to think through their needs. It would have been a challenge without Wayferry's structure, and that was a big win for us.
Marc Wilson, Vice President of Finance & Accounting, Cidara Therapeutics
Wayferry helped Profil find the best software for a critical business need, and results wildly exceeded expectations.
Denon Alderson, Screening & Subject Recruitment Manager, Profil Institute for Clinical Research