Use Wayferry to Minimize the Pain & Maximize the Gain

Selecting software was a collaborative exercise that forced people to think through their needs. It would have been a challenge without Wayferry's structure, and that was a big win for us.
Marc Wilson, Vice President of Finance & Accounting, Cidara Therapeutics
Wayferry helped Profil find the best software for a critical business need, and results wildly exceeded expectations.
Denon Alderson, Screening & Subject Recruitment Manager, Profil Institute for Clinical Research

Minimize the pains so common with major software purchases...

Business Pains

  • High implementation costs
  • Go-live business disruption
  • Unrealized cost savings
  • High TCO, low ROI


Technical Pains

  • Go-live date slips
  • Unmet vendor promises
  • Poor functional fit
  • Poor usability


Personal Pains

  • Career collateral damage
  • Financial impact on income
  • Loss of discretionary time
  • Increased job stress


What we do

Wayferry specializes exclusively in software evaluation and selection. To avoid any conflict of interest, we do not sell, implement or support software. Rather, we ensure you purchase the software best matched to your unique needs. There are four phases to every Wayferry project:

1 - Requirements

Develop a comprehensive requirements list, even finding requirements you don't know you need. For each requirement, find out who wants it, why they want it and how important it is to them.

2 - Evaluation

Manage RFIs / RFPs. Use our gap analysis app to measure how well software product candidates meet your particular needs. Verify your requirements match market offerings.

3 - Selection

Arrange the demos, gather & summarize feedback. Facilitate selecting the software. Audit & validate RFI / FRP to eliminate exaggerated vendor sales claims. Check references. Assist with vendor negotiations.

4 - Post-purchase

Information collected is delivered to the implementation project manager. Because no significant new requirements are discovered during implementation, the software goes live on time, within budget with a minimum of business disruption.

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