Evaluation & selection consulting to find the best software for your particular needs

When it comes to major software purchases, we minimize your pain and maximize your gain.

1 - Requirements: Capture all significant requirements, including unknowns.

2 - Evaluation: Measure how well software products meet your particular needs.

3 - Selection: You purchase the software with the greatest value to your organization.

4 - Post-purchase: Prime the software implementation for success.

Guaranteed Results: Wayferry is so confident in our process that we will refund our entire consulting fee if the software selected does not meet your expectations.

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The software pain problem

Software Pains

In spite of the time and money spent, most new cloud or on-premise software purchases suffer from these pains:

Wayferry advantages

  • Unbiased. We specialize exclusively in software selection. Others recommend software that they sell.
  • Data-Driven. Our objective evaluations are based on your needs. Others offer subjective opinions.
  • User buy-in. We nurture user buy-in from day one. Others leave this to implementation when it is too late.
  • Audited RFPs. We ensure vendors are realistic with the claims for their software. Others skip this step.

Why is purchasing enterprise software so difficult?

Why is purchasing software so difficult?

  • Immature software selection process. Overconfidence. Underestimating work. Inadequate requirements.
  • IT lacks real world business experience. Vendors over promise, under deliver. Functional fit not verified.
  • Project scope not actively managed. User buy-in not created & nurtured. Expectations not actively managed.

Cartoon: the 3 steps of a software purchasing failure

See what clients say about Wayferry

See what clients say about Wayferry

Selecting software was a collaborative exercise that forced people to think through their needs. It would have been a challenge without Wayferry's structure, and that was a big win for us.
Marc Wilson, Vice President of Finance & Accounting, Cidara Therapeutics
Wayferry helped Profil find the best software for a critical business need, and results wildly exceeded expectations.
Denon Alderson, Screening & Subject Recruitment Manager, Profil Institute for Clinical Research

Kick it up a notch!

Major software purchases are relatively infrequent. They are an exceptional opportunity to make a real difference to your organization and your career.

  • Improve the bottom line
  • Go live as planned
  • Meet expectations