About Wayferry

Why Wayferry exists

Major software purchases are a real opportunity to "kick it up a notch", but they carry the risk of significant business and technical pains for the acquiring organization, and personal pains for those involved in the project. Expectations are high, but far too often the new software disappoints.

The problem boils down to this: For any given type of enterprise software, how do you identify the product that will deliver the greatest value to the organization? We observed the problem was far worse than realized. While outright failures occasionally appear in the press, far more widespread are the partial failures where the new software simply does not deliver as hoped. Some industry experts suggest that as few as 20% of major software purchases fully meet organizational expectations.

Developing a systematic and data-driven way to discover all requirements, even unknown ones, and then measuring how well potential products meet those requirements led directly to the founding of Wayferry. Our mission is helping organizations purchase the software that delivers the greatest value to their operations, and that directly translates into bottom line improvements.


Like many startups, Wayferry began with a business plan and a software patent application. We went on to develop a cloud-based tool that could be used to manage requirements and to evaluate potential software products against those requirements. The output is a gap analysis, which measures how well competing software products meet the requirements.

It is said that no business plan survives and encounter with the market, and that was certainly true in our case. The market wanted more than just a software evaluation tool; they wanted help to make successful software acquisitions.

Few organizations have employees whose primary function is evaluating software, and thus they lack the necessary skills and experience in-house. A big problem is over confidence, where the difficulty of the software selection is underestimated. This is exacerbated by the fact that many IT employees lack an appreciation for the business. Also, IT departments often operate at above 100% capacity, and adding new software selection projects is seen as extra work. All of this conspires against successful software acquisitions.

In response, we pivoted Wayferry from a software tool company to supplying a full software evaluation and selection consulting service. Now an organization can outsource software evaluation and selection projects to specialists with the necessary skills and experience.

What we do

Wayferry specializes exclusively in software evaluation. Our research and data-driven analysis supply the information you need to select the software that provides the greatest value to your organization and to your bottom line. To avoid any conflict of interest, we do not sell, implement or support software. We are paid by our clients and do not accept payments from software vendors or implementation consultants.

Our greatest satisfaction is when clients report the software we helped them select went live on time, within budget, with a minimum of business disruption and that it is meeting or exceeding expectations.