Compare Wayferry to the typical external consultants, software re-sellers or an internal team.

Wayferry External
Specialize exclusively in software selection.
It's all we do and we do it well. We have even published a book on the topic: Rethinking Enterprise Software Selection - Stop buying square pegs for round holes
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At Wayferry we are paid by our clients, and never accept payments, commissions etc. from vendors when software is purchased. Other companies only recommend software they sell or implement, which means you may not get the best software for your particular needs.
Yes No [1] No [1] Yes [2]
Selection process designed to support business strategy
Start with the business strategy and work with executives to identify value drivers and define a business process framework. Use this to generate business process requirements which are translated into software requirements. The framework defines the future way of working and keeps the project aligned with the business strategy.
Yes Sometimes No No
Data-driven selection
Our analysis finds the software that best fits your particular needs based on your unique requirements. Other consultants recommend only what they know.
Yes Sometimes No Sometimes
Requirements library
Well written requirements complete with examples and reasons remove ambiguity. Complete software acquisition projects faster.
Yes Sometimes No No
Discover unknown requirements
Our goal is no significant new requirements are found during implementation. It's requirements that should have been found earlier that cause implementation schedules to slip, costs to increase and business disruption on going live.
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Weight requirements
You decide what matters most to your organization.
Yes Sometimes Sometimes Sometimes
Traceability matrix built in
Trace every requirement back to who wants it, why they want it, and how important it is to them.
Yes Sometimes No No
Nurture user buy-in
Employees can't wait to start using the new software!
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Proprietary gap analysis app
Our app measures the software fit against your particular requirements. No software is perfect. Know the compromises before you sign the contract.
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Scope check
Check that your requirements are matched to software features the market can provide.
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Manage user expectations
All software has compromises. When software buyers get what they expect they are not disappointed.
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Verify RFP
Design demo scripts to verify claimed functionality. After the demo verify further selected RFP responses to ensure the software was not misrepresented.
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Reference checks
We use our reference call scripts to help you check references. Where possible we find and interview customers who have not been cherry-picked by the vendor.
Yes Sometimes No Yes
Maximize software value
Select software and optimize purchasing to maximize the value that flows from the benefits of using the new software.
Yes No No No
Prime Implementation
Our requirements process is designed to collect information for the implementation team. This helps ensure the software goes live on schedule.
Yes Sometimes Sometimes No

[1] To increase earnings any company that re-sells software invariably recommends the software they sell unless there is a blatant and obvious functional mismatch.

[2] Occasionally you will find a senior executive who insists on a particular software product because he or she has used it before. While the software may have worked at a previous company, that is no guarantee it will work for your company because the underlying requirements can differ substantially.

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