Wayferry Value Proposition

Enterprise software purchases like ERP are expensive enough. What value does Wayferry bring to the outcome of the software acquisition process?

1. Reduce risks of project costs spiraling out of control

  • It’s not a level playing field! Software purchases are infrequent for buyers, but vendors are always selling. They control sales without buyers even realizing it.

  • People don’t like talking about their software failures, so you seldom hear about them. This is why buyers grossly underestimate the difficulty of selecting software.

Wayferry’s unique selection process is designed to reduce risk so the new software goes live as planned with minimal business disruption.

2. Avoid buyer’s remorse: Know the compromises before you buy

  • Every software purchase is a compromise with the devil in the details. Discovering inadequate functionality during implementation is the biggest cause of projects failing, but by then it is too late.

  • Wayferry’s proprietary analysis identifies functional gaps and aligns expectations with what the software delivers. With Wayferry you know the compromises before you sign the contract!

Buy software that fits your needs like a “glove fits your hand”.

3. The real reason for new software: Raise the bar on the competition

  • Are you so busy fighting fires you don’t have time to dial 911? Welcome to the average company! But there is no job security in average; you must be better.

  • New software can raise the bar on your competition. Opportunities to make this much difference are rare, and the average company squanders them.

  • Wayferry's unbiased selection process discovers requirements you don't know you have and identifies the software that best meets your specific needs.

When the new software properly satisfies your real business needs, you leave your competition in the dust!

Software acquisition success defined

With Wayferry helping you navigate the selection process, the new software:

  • Goes live as planned

  • Meets expectations

  • Raises the bar on the competition

What more could you want?