Few new enterprise software purchases go according to plan and meet expectations. And not one of the organizations listed in this failure gallery ever thought they would experience these problems.

Some industry observers say that fewer than ten percent of major software purchases fully meet expectations, while more than ninety percent experience partial to outright failure.

Why you don’t hear about software failures

The software failure problem is like an iceberg. Most people don't like talking about their failures. That is why you only hear about them if they end up in court, involve the government or impact the stock price of public companies. If you ask around, you will occasionally find them in your network.

The examples linked from this page are but the tip of the software failure iceberg. Since people seldom hear about these failures, they underestimate the difficulty of selecting the software in the first place.

Where the problems start

The seeds of a software selection and purchase failure are usually sown at the start of the project with inadequate requirements, and by not building buy-in through involving users with requirements development.

However the fruit of those shortcuts only becomes apparent when implementation dates slip, costs spiral out of control and there is serious business disruption when the software goes live. To make matters worse, the new software doesn't come close to meeting expectations and you can forget about supporting the business strategy.

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Reduce software selection risks

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