Call Center Selection Greatly Exceeds Anticipated ROI

Successful enterprise software deployments are not as common as they should be, and deployments where the ROI exceeds expectations are rare. This case study examines how Profil Institute for Clinical Research used Wayferry to select a VoIP call center in the cloud, greatly exceeding the anticipated ROI.


"Wayferry helped Profil Institute find the best product match for a critical business need, and the results wildly exceeded expectations. If you are evaluating any system, put the power of Wayferry’s analysis behind the process. Actual productivity increased over 100% on Day One of product launch, and 300% by the end of the first month.

Wayferry’s responsiveness to each pain point of the status quo combined with an understanding of customer vision were added value that helped our product launch soar."

Denon Alderson, MBA, CCRPScreening & Subject Recruitment Manager at Profil Institute for Clinical Research, INC.

Call center software selection

Call center software selection

Profil had an urgent need to improve their call center processes for recruiting clinical trial subjects. Because this is not a service like sales or tech support, Profil's call center requirements were not typical.

The Software Selection Project

After the initial meetings to define project scope and get an overview of the needs, Wayferry identified 29 potential call center products. Looking at these products, we used the technique of reverse engineering software features back into requirements to create a comprehensive list of 550 requirements. We met with the Profil team and they rated each requirement for importance. Of the 550 requirements, 482 were rated as “Important” or higher, and 67 of these were rated as “Product showstoppers”. The evaluation also included due diligence requirements to eliminate unsuitable or risky vendors.

Evaluating Software Products

The evaluation started by eliminating vendors and products that did not meet showstopper requirements, which quickly reduced the number of potential products. The remaining products were evaluated against Critical, Very Important and Important requirements. The Wayferry app automatically does the gap analysis and calculates a Fit Score for each product; a single number that measures how well that product meets the client's specific requirements.

Software Selection

Wayferry logged 165 hours on a rigorous software selection project over two months. That was the total time spent on the selection project, including meetings, research etc. The software product that most closely matched Profil’s particular requirements was inContact, a VoIP based call center. Teams from Profil and inContact spent another two months implementing the call center software.

Denon Alderson, head of Recruitment at Profil, told us shortly before going live she was expecting a 20% to 50% improvement from her recruiting metrics. At the end of the launch day, she was saying her daily metrics showed more than a 100% improvement. Multiple recruiting records were broken that day even though recruiters were still getting familiar with the new system.


Profil Institute hit the "ROI jackpot" – Where the match between the product and client requirements is so good that the ROI exceeds expectations. The success of this project is a testimony to how well the Wayferry selection process works. (Note: Since this case study was originally published Profil have changed their name to ProSciento.)