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Enterprise software purchases are expensive enough. Why spend even more on Wayferry's software selection consulting?


Your new software will cost less and meet expectations

Software buyer's remorse

People don't like talking about their failures so you seldom hear about them. Consequently, buyers have little idea of the pains they face when purchasing enterprise software, and how much they will later regret their decision.

It’s not a level playing field!

Software purchases are infrequent for buyers, but vendors work on nothing else. They wine and dine customers, stroke unsuspecting egos and take control of sales without buyers even realizing.

Where your money is lost

With unprepared buyers and odds favoring vendors, it is no wonder that enterprise software costs more and seldom meets expectations. And then buyers discover that vendors are experts at extracting post-sale revenue from their customers. 

Compare Planned versus Typical Actual Net Return for New Software

The costs of poor software purchasing

Red arrows in the chart above show where the costs of poor purchasing are incurred:

  1. There are extra costs when the implementation takes longer than planned.
  2. The hidden cost of delayed return when the implementation schedule slips.
  3. The cost of business disruption when going live.
  4. The hidden cost of not meeting expectations which is incurred every year the software is used.

While the hidden costs above don’t appear on income statements, they are very real. Clients use Wayferry to avoid all of these costs.


Ensure your next major software purchase meets expectations
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