Part of Wayferry’s “secret sauce” is our Software Selection Navigator which measures how well competing products meet your requirements. Instead of making an opinion based subjective selection, you make a data driven objective decision. You purchase the software knowing exactly how well it meets your needs and supports your business strategy.

The screenshots below highlight how the Navigator helps you identify best fit software.

Software gap analysis heatmap

Use the gap analysis heatmap to compare and measure how well potential software or ERP products meet your particular needs.

After vendors have responded to the RFP, the gap analysis heatmap measures how well those potential software products meet the requirements.

Using the heatmap you can compare several potential software products against each other at once. You can also drill down to any level of detail and compare the products at that level of detail.

Software fit score & product ranking

Example of a software gap analysis summary part of the way through an evaluation

This report tracks the overall progress of rating products against the requirements. It shows the fit scores for each product and ranks the products by that fit score.

We also use this report to verify the scope of your project to ensure the desired functionality can be satisfied by software products on the market.

Software requirement weighting

Tracking the progress of weighting software requirements for importance in an RFP

We capture who wants a requirement, why they want it and how important it is to them. This information is used in the selection and later in the implementation.

Requirement gathering and weighting are usually about half the work in a software selection project. Our project management tracks the progress weighting requirements on an evaluation. Once all requirements have been weighted invitations to participate in the RFP can be sent to system integrators and software publishers.

Software requirement library

Hierarchical software requirements library

Wayferry has built an impressive library of software requirements. Every software selection project we undertake adds to and improves on this library.

Unlike the endless flat lists of requirements that are usually used, Wayferry’s library is organized in a hierarchical tree structure where requirements contain children and grand children etc. as deep as is necessary. In the screenshot on the right the yellow highlighted requirements go 4 levels deep. This hierarchical approach provides many benefits, e.g.:

  • Drill down: When it comes to requirements, “the devil is in the details” You can drill down into the details as deep as is necessary.

  • Reduces work: If a higher level requirement is weighted as “No interest”, all descendants of that requirement are automatically removed from the evaluation.

Software requirement details

Example of a software requirement on a Wayferry RFP

A vendor can’t be held responsible when software doesn’t meet requirements a customer didn’t bother to write.

In worst case scenarios, poorly written or ambiguous requirements can land you and the vendor in court.

Most software requirement specifications are lists in a spreadsheet, occasionally with descriptions if you are lucky. Wayferry requirements go much further by including:

  • Examples of where the requirement is used.

  • Common reasons for the requirement. (You can add client specific reasons as well.)

  • Instructions for evaluating the software against the requirement.

  • Requirement notes.

Wayferry’s library dramatically reduces the work in creating good software and ERP requirements and minimizes problems like ambiguity. Ultimately your software selection will be more successful in supporting the business strategy and meeting expectations.

Next steps

If your software purchase is business critical and you appreciate the rigor the Software Selection Navigator can bring to the selection process, click the [Contact Wayferry] button below. We can explore helping you make this software purchase an outstanding success for both your organization, and also for you personally.


The Software Selection Navigator is a complete redesign of the original Wayferry app, and is built using a low-code development tool. The changes we wanted to make were so big that everything was re-written from scratch, and none of the original code was reused.