Wayferry Partners

As a software and implementation vendor, there are tremendous benefits for you in partnering with Wayferry.

Sources of New Business

Invitations to participate

As a Wayferry partner, you get preferred invitations to participate as a vendor in software selection projects.


Project referrals

At the conclusion of a software selection project, our client is ready to purchase but Wayferry does not sell, support or implement software. We refer clients to trusted partners like yourself for the implementation project.


Software Selection services

Wayferry's software evaluation and selection consulting is an additional service you can offer your client. This prevents competitors from executing a penetrate and radiate strategy to steal your clients.


Closing Stubborn Deals

Close that deal

Clients afraid of making the wrong decision don't buy. Wayferry shows those clients exactly how well the software meets their particular needs before they sign the contract. Fear of buying the wrong software is removed and the deal can close.


Demonstrate value

Wayferry's ROI analysis helps a client see the value of the proposed purchase. If that value is missing, you avoid wasting time on a deal that will never close.


Improved Implementations

Create employee buy-in

By involving employees in selecting the software right from the start of the project, Wayferry's process creates and nurtures employee buy-in.


Go live on schedule

Wayferry primes implementations with detailed information so you complete projects on time, within budget and with a minimum of business disruption to your client.


Set client expectations

All major software purchases involve compromise. With Wayferry, clients know the compromises they are making before they purchase the software.


Better Client Relations

Software meets expectations

Wayferry has a one hundred percent money back guarantee that the software will meet the client's expectations.


Reference Clients

Expectations that are met result in superb references for other clients. You have also earned this client's trust, putting you in a prime position for future projects.


Solidify Client Relationship

When you present Wayferry to your client as an unbiased advisor, they perceive you as acting in their best interests.


Partner Client Value

Expectations met

Clients who use Wayferry for evaluations find the software they select meets or even exceeds their expectations. Nobody can ask for more, which is why they become gold standard references for you.